Floyd Quilt Guild, Inc.


A diverse patchwork of unique and talented members

from novice to expert in their particular discipline.

Our purpose is to join people of common interests and talents. We are a diverse group of women who are interested in improving and sharing our ideas and skills. Our expertise ranges from beginner to expert. We are on a continuum; so do not become intimidated by anyone who seems to be more skilled than you are, as you will also find someone who doesn’t know how to do what you can do. That’s what makes our guild so unique and interesting. Our members are friendly and helpful, willing to demonstrate, share a technique or just enjoy learning something new.


The first Monday of the month is our business meeting and Show and Tell. This is where our members bring in whatever they are working on at the time, be it completed or in progress, to share their creation and sometimes to solicit advice. We all come away with wonderful ideas and stimulated by seeing new techniques displayed.


On the third Monday of the month, we have our program. Our own members’ present programs and sometimes we have a guest speaker. These programs are diverse in nature; addressing many aspects of quilt making and wearable art. On occasion, we may stray a bit from quilting topics to present something of interest to our members. We have had lectures and hands-on programs such as doll making, all about wool, and beading.


We also try to present a workshop or two during the year on non-meeting days to further educate our members.


The guild organizes a biennial quilt show held on even numbered years at the Eco Village, generally in spring. It is always an exciting event for us and entails the efforts of the entire guild.

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 Floyd Quilt Guild will promote quilting by:
 (a) preserving, encouraging, advancing and perpetuating the art of quilting for its members and the general public;  
 (b) providing an opportunity for members to gather, learn, teach and exchange ideas and information in order to encourage individualism and a high standard of design and technique;  
 (c) promoting quilting to the general public as a valuable art by increasing awareness of quilt history, design and preservation through teaching, publicity and exhibits; 
 (d)  fostering within the community an awareness of quilting as both a historical and living creative contribution to our lives as a community; and
 (e)  constructing quilts and related items for charitable donation.